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FAI Inspector

FAI Inspector

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IT-Mairano BS
IT-Casalgrande RE
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Forging Activities

  • Attend introduction meeting with Bosch and Blue Origin in Milan to cover expectations.
  • Attend pre-production meeting at forging facility. We will go over the ITP and confirm Blue Origin’s intent with respect to W, H, R, and M points.
  • Verify and Witness that the vendors forging and manufacturing procedures are followed.
  • Visual Inspection – Vendor and/or Industry Standard.
  • Dimensional Checks – Vendor Drawings
  • Monitoring Machining Activities – Vendor Drawings
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection – Vendor and/or Industry Standard.
  • Ultrasonic Inspection – Vendor and/or Industry Standard.
  • Mechanical Testing – Vendor and/or Industry Standard.
  • Inspector will have access to vendor drawing and specifications.



  • There are a total of eight (8) Rod Forgings and eight (8) Shell (Outer Body) Forgings on this order.

Rod Forgings

Unfortunately this forge facility completed four (4) Rod Forgings without following sequential steps (ie..pre-production meeting) and approvals of documentation (ie. ITP, procedures). So, we would expect that the inspector could review ALL pertinent documentation/reports on these forgings so Blue Origin could consider accepting them.


Shell Forgings

The ingot cutting has been completed on two (2), four (4) were in the process of cutting, and the remaing two (2) are waiting.


  • This order is currently in the HOLD stage until both Blue Origin and Bosch are satisfied that ALL the above components in their current stages have been inspected, documents reviewed, pre-production meeting held, and approved ITP is in place.
  • The inspector would continue inspections agreed on the ITP for at least the first articles of both the Rod and Shell. This time frame and component(s) will be better defined upon receipt of the production schedule and during the pre-production meeting. Blue expects to have the production schedule by early next week.