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Fulfillment Centers
Verify recommends dedicated teams of five inspectors at each Fulfillment Center. A Verify Technical Program Lead (TPL) provides orientation to these teams in the required processes, procedures and methods at a minimum of one week prior to the need to be onsite at the Amazon Fulfillment Center. Amazon Robotics will provide these materials. The Verify Inspectors will document inspections in Verify’s Supplier Performance Platform (SPP).

The primary responsibilities of the inspection teams are:
1. Visual Inspection of Amazon Robotics Supplier Product
2. Count and Damage Inspection of Amazon Robotics Supplier Product
3. Documenting Acceptance/Rejection of Product
4. Timely Feedback on Rejections encompassing problem statements, pictures, video, data, and any other requirements outlined in processes, procedures, and Statement of Work (SOW) provided by Amazon Robotics
A Verify TPL will oversee the initial engagement at each Fulfillment Center and be available for additional oversight as conditions warrant. When the SOW is complete at each Fulfillment Center, it is recommended that the team be retained and move on to the next Fulfillment Center to reduce the learning curve training needs, providing for effective implementation at subsequent sites.